I have to say I’m a big fan of amateur content. You know, when the fat girl is taking photos of herself instead of someone setting up a big production to make it all look good.  Just a horny BBW alone in a room taking photos of her big soft body so she can put them on the internet for guys who love fat girls to see. That is the case with this big girl from Thailand.  Her name is Gip and she has all the right features we like to see on big girls. Plenty of soft flesh to squeeze, big thick legs, big heavy tits and a beautiful face to match. Below is a link to some more photos of Gip but I highly recommend you check out XLAsians.com or some exclusive videos of this beautiful Asian fat girl.

Fat Girl

Fat Girl From Thailand Takes Naked Photos Of Herself!

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This fat ass belongs to a Thai girl named Lil Thunder. I guess they call her that because she shakes the ground when that big ass is bouncing back and forth when she is walking around. To add to her splender she is carrying around a lot of extra weight around her mid section to help balance out her big fat ass. If I was a betting man I would say Lil Thunder can take a pounding (pun intended) when she is getting fucked and all that extra flab is flying around. Click Here to see more of Lil Thunders big fat ass.

Fat  Lil Thunder

Lil Thunder Shakes The Ground With Her Fat Ass


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If you are into Fat BBW girls your going to love Sunny. She is a noodle seller from Bangkok and she has big thick legs and a crazy firm ass. Not to mention her rolls and her sexy face and hair, this girl is a package I think I could take home to mom. Well, I could at least take her out, feed her until she can’t take one more bite,  then worship her big swollen body until she makes me stop. OK, I think I’m getting carried away so I’ll just post her photo and link it to a free gallery so you can fantasize for yourself.

Big Beautiful Sunny

BBW Sunny showing her AWESOME body.

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It looks like there is some fresh meat over at XLAsians. This big soft beauty goes by the name of Jean. She has a few photo sets and videos inside the site which I highly recommend you take a look at. As far as heavy Asian girls are concerned, Jean for sure weighs in on my list.  A beautiful smile, enough nice smooth skin to lay on and cuddle with. My type of chick for sure. Enjoy here free self shot photo gallery below.

Plump Asian Gip

Plump Asian Gip

If you want to see a free photo gallery of Jean just CLICK HERE.

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Cassie Lamai from XLAsians.com sent us a little gift, while wearing a pink bikini you can hardly see with her massive body.  Her stunning face and heavy creases between the rolls of her beautiful body will always earn her posts on this blog. Click here to head on over to XLAsians and see more of Cassie Lamai.

Asian BBW

Gift from Cassie Lamai & XLAsians

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If your into big Asian tits your going to like this girl. Her name is Poo and she is another rare find from the guys over at XLAsians. Poo is an Asian plumper in her mid 30s with big massive heavy hanging tits who loves to show them off.  At the site you can also watch a high quality video of her stroking a cock while her big tits flop around. Remember, Poo is exclusively at XLAsians so you will not find her on any other website or torrent. Click here to see more of her at XLAsians.com.

Big heavy hanging fat tits

Poo spread out on bed.


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Asian BBW Cassie has become an internet sensation in the BBW community. Any BBW lover who sees her can’t get enough of this big beautiful soft bodied girl. With her mesmerizing eyes and huge body she deserves all the attention she is getting on all the BBW forums and blogs across the internet. Because she is beautiful and because of her big booty, I had to make another post about this hot Asian BBW Cassie!


Asian BBW Cassie

BBW Cassie from XL Asians

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Chubby Asian girl loves white cock, especially big ones. She loves to touch them, suck them and feel them deep inside her fat pussy.  In this free XL Asians gallery Mr. Kinkade gets the luxury of bumping his body against her smooth soft flesh.  He gets to feel on her big heavy tits and cram his cock in her velvet snatch after she graciously sucks on his cock.


Chubby Girl

Chubby Asian loves white cock!

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Chubby Asian girl Aum loves cock! She loves to touch it, suck it, rub it between her big Asian tits and stick it in her pussy.  In this free XLAsians gallery she slid his cock between her awesome tits and kept it there, sliding it in and out until he blew a load of cum all over her massive boobs!  Too bad he didn’t get to fuck her…but maybe not so bad because he got to get off on those chubby Asian tits!

Chubby Asian slut

Chubby slut Aum titty fucks white cock

Click here to visit XL Asians

Click here for free gallery of this Chubby Asian slut!

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This chubby Asian girl with big heavy hanging tits goes by the name of Dao. You can find her exclusively at XLAsians.com.  She is a shy chubby girl who has never taken photos showing off her soft sexy body and big tits but she does a great job in this set. Click here to see a free XLAsians gallery of her or click here to see her and tons of other chubby Asian girls.

Asian with big tits

Asian girl Dao shows her big heavy tits


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